Wednesday, February 10, 2016

[WIP] Rapidstrike Tacticalization Mod

So, initially I wasn't going to build another 180'd RS, but, after reading more of TurokMakto's blog, I decided to build another... I prefer to call it "Commitment" not 'addiction'. Right now the blaster has only been cut and ground, but it hasn't had any plastic added to it. I prefer to do these things in stages. Anyway, enough talk without a pic.
This is what the shell looks like after round one of cutting. I now notice that the second picture was taken before I chopped the battery box off...
A retaliator for size comparison.
Internals being sized up...

To get an idea of what the finished product will look like.

I'm really liking this so far. It still has plenty of work to do, though. But I'm pretty sure this will become my primary.

Monday, February 8, 2016

[WIP] Rapidstrike Primary Build

First things first, I need a name for this blaster. Something ferocious, but not stupid. Oh, well, moving on...
striped dinosaur nerf rapidstrike
striped dinosaur nerf rapidstrike
This thing is running a full set of 3 180 motors, that's right 3 over-sized after market motors. I also gave it a full 18 AWG re-wire, a deans connector, and a set of worker flywheels. I don't currently have it wired and running, I'm still waiting on the 3D printed firing grip assembly from Blaster Smiths UK. I'm also putting a custom metal barrel with a muzzle flash hider (not that it needs it, I just think it looks cool) in it.

Even though it's not wired I can say that it has a Rate Of Fire (ROF from here on out) of aprx. 550 rounds per minute, which I am very happy with. Originally I was using the stock motors, and it got around 350 rounds per minute. So the real goal of this build (higher ROF) has already been achieved.

It's also sporting its new look; black stripes with a yellow on the bottom fading into a dark green on top, rubberized grips, and an extremely durable matte clear coat. I'm really loving this color scheme, its vague "dinosuar-ish-ness" is very striking and commands a lot of attention.

I've always loved the rapidstrike, and I've been telling myself ever since it came out that I would eventually mod it properly. I'm just sad it's taken this long to do. I am offering Custom Painted Nerf Rapidstrikes on My Etsy Store, but, due to their retirement, there aren't many people who are going to be getting these.

Still waiting for parts to come in, so I guess that's all for this post. But I'm looking forward to a review of BSUK's firing assembly and a post with more pictures (and maybe a video) of my fully finished rapidstrike.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

[Finished Mod] Nerf Stryfe Tactical Tan

So I actually finished this one a while ago, but I didn't have a blog then.

It's received a full 18 AWG re-wire, a new deans connector, a Worker battery door screw, and a paint job. To do the paint job I used Dupli-Color vinyl dye in tan and black, and, for 'tacticool-ness' Rustoleum brand rubber on the grips of the blaster and the vertical fore-grip.To protect the paint job I then gave it a Dupli-Color brand matte acrylic enamel.I don't have a chronograph, but I can say this thing shoots hard. On average the darts travel between 100'-120', and, with my 7.2v NI-MH airsoft battery, the motors stay super-critical no matter how fast I dump the magazine.

Unfortunately, since Nerf has discontinued the Stryfe, I can't offer these on My Etsy Store, but a Modulus ECS-10 or a Demolisher (both of which I do offer) will get nearly identical results. All-in-all I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out, but I still want to do one to match the rest of my loadout.

In the Beginning...

   This is my small blog. Its main function is to act as a "home base" of sorts as well as a board on which to post all of my Nerf blaster builds. In the near future I will be posting experiments, theories, news on upcoming blasters, and, of course, many, many pictures of blasters that I've built. I'm not good at introductions, so this is about it...

   I'm looking forward to posting every time I finish or, (if it's really cool) start a build, and I'm even more excited to read all he comments you all will, hopefully, leave me.  Until next post, Keep Flinging Foam!
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